TESTBERRIES was built on basis of philosophy consisting of three parts: mission, values and vision. All TESTBERRIES employees as the ambassadors of our company identify themselves with what is stated below.

The mission of TESTBERRIES is to exceed industry standards in software testing to help our clients improve their productivity and the quality of their products. We provide affordable software testing expertise and services that can serve any customer, in any industry at any time.

  • Client focus - always listen to the clients to find opportunities to add value. Offer solutions that meet clients' expectations and improve their productivity.
  • Open communication - always provide open and honest communication. Be prepared to listen to and understand other perspectives.
  • Passion - always work with passion and show that you love what you do. Passion enables you to be proactive and exceed clients' expectations.
  • Performance - always perform above standards to deliver better results. Continuously strive for soft and technical skills development.
  • Dedication to quality - always provide quality in everything you do. Perform all jobs, assignments and tasks with quality, regardless of their scale.

    We want to become a worldwide recognized organisation in software testing known for the quality and professionalism of the services. We want our outstanding performance to be our key differentiator hence to be the clients' first choice for software testing services. Where appropriate, we want to bring innovation and pave new ways in the world of software quality.
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